Technology always comes from human nature
3D technology will bring a better life



Caijia will launch in 2020『3D WALK|3D printing city jogging shoes』,
The sole is formed by 3D printing, which is not only favored by many consumers,
It has attracted the attention of many local shoe brands,
And then cooperate in the development of shoes, comfortable foot feel, without having to bear high mold opening costs,
I hope to make the 3D printing process popular.
3D Shoes printing shoes


At the same time as the launch of 3D WALK, the insole is also made using 3D printing, using70A TPE material
Called "3D-INSO", it is the most skin-friendly soft material. Under the same material, with different structural methods,
Divided into 3D-FORCE and 3D-SOFT, you can see hereDetailed introduction
Two kinds of insoles can feel different effects. By changing the insoles, one shoe can be worn twice.


Customization and flexible use are the biggest features of 3D printing. Therefore, Caijia is working hard to establish customized accessories
The business model hopes to use 3D scanning to produce elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads that suit you.