Technology Originates in Human Nature
3D technology will bring a better life



The soles are formed by 3D printing in one shot, which many consumers favor, and also have attracted the attention of many local shoe brands to jointly develop new shoe models. The shoes feel comfortable to feet, and do not require high tooling costs. 3D printing is expected to be popular for shoe development.
3D Shoes


The insoles of 3D WALK are also made by 3D printing. They are called 3D-INSO, and use 70A TPE materials which are soft and skin-friendly. The two insoles, 3D-FORCE and 3D-SOFT, made with the same materials but in different structures, offer different effects. By changing just the insoles,
one pair of shoes can serve different occasions.


Customization and flexibility are the best characteristics of 3D printing. ColorMatrix is working hard to establish a business model for customized assistive tools, and hopes to use 3D scanning to produce elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads that fit users.