3D Printing Pen Level 1 x Robot Modification


3D printing pen is a very good tool for realizing your creativity.Using a 3D printing pen to draw patterns in a flat manner is simple and easy to use, so that younger students can also experience the fun of weapon modification.Course introduction: Learn how to use the 3D printing pen to modify robots' weapons. In the process, you can think about what kind of weapons can give your robot extra points.

▍Course location: (Taichung Daya) Color Matrix 3D Printing Workshop
▍Course time: Every Saturday, there will be classes.
▍Notes for registration:
 ●Online registration (recommended registration method): Click on the link above to view available appointments.
 ●On-site registration: If the number of reservations for this show reaches the upper limit, please make an appointment for other shows on the day. You can go to the "print 3f cafe" on the 3F and wait for a break.

▍Course fee: 550 yuan per person, plus a free experience coupon.
▍Experience gift voucher description:
 1.3D Printing Pen Level 1 x Robot Modification
 2.Maker Club seasonal activity experience: Pick any one of the seasonal activities to experience the fun.。
 3.Print Cafe: NT$30 discount toward food and beverage purchases. (Only from Wednesday to Sunday)
 4.Commodity vouchers: get a 100 yuan discount once.