PET10%CF Standard Edition


【Basic Specifications】
This product isStandard version (including wire reel), After use, the wire reel can be reused
Consumables are 1kg net / wire diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended printing temperature: 230-250°C

Bottom plate temperature: 70-90°C 
Side blowing fan: On 
Nozzle material: It is recommended to use stainless steel, titanium alloy, ruby and other high-hardness nozzles. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of high-hardness materials, the temperature needs to be adjusted to avoid uneven discharge. The brass nozzle is soft and easily worn out by carbon fiber materials. It is recommended to replace the nozzle regularly to ensure print quality. 
【Material Features】

PET-10%CF carbon fiber reinforced PET wire

  • Good printing: Continuing the good printing characteristics of PET wire, adjust the printing temperature and you can get started without pain 
  • High strength: The tensile strength and tensile modulus of the carbon fiber reinforced PET wire are greatly improved 
  • Low warpage: carbon fiber reinforcement can reduce shrinkage and reduce warpage during printing 
  • High accuracy: carbon fiber can increase the thermal stability during printing, and the print size is more accurate 
Using Formosa Plastics carbon fiber TAIRYFIL and PET polyester raw materials, after mixing and granulating, they are extruded and drawn into carbon fiber reinforced PET wire. Formosa Plastics Carbon Fiber TAIRYFIL belongs to the polyacrylonitrile (PAN) series of carbon fibers, a high-strength and lightweight material developed by Formosa Plastics. Carbon fiber has stronger strength than steel, lighter weight than aluminum, corrosion resistance, high dimensional stability, low thermal expansion, and good heat resistance. It is widely used in high-end sports goods, automobiles, industry and aerospace technology.