PET10%CF Printer Filament

SKU: A1801015

This product is With Reusable Spool,when running out of the filaments, using refill with the empty spool, then a brand-new filament would turn out, repeat usage, environmental
Net weight of consumables 1kg / Diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended Nozzle temp.:230-250°C

Bed temp.: 70-90°C 
Side blowing fan: On 
Nozzle material: It is recommended that stainless steel, titanium alloy, ruby and other high-hardness nozzles are used. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of high-hardness materials, the temperature needs to be adjusted to avoid uneven discharge of materials. Brass nozzles are softer and may be easily worn by carbon fiber materials. It is recommended that nozzles are regularly replaced to ensure print quality. 
【Material characteristics】

PET-10%CF Carbon fiber reinforced PET filament

  • Easy to print: Easy-to-print characteristics just like PET filaments, the low learning curve in handling once the print temperature is adjusted.
  • High strength: The tensile strength and tensile modulus of the carbon fiber reinforced PET filaments are greatly improved. 
  • Low warping: Carbon fiber reinforcement can reduce shrinkage and reduce warping during printing.
  • High precision: Carbon fiber can increase thermal stability during printing, making the printing size more precise.  

TAIRYFIL, a carbon fiber material, and PET raw materials made by Formosa Plastics, are mixed and granulated, and then extruded and drawn into carbon fiber reinforced PET filaments. TAIRYFIL is a PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based carbon fiber and a high-strength lightweight material developed in-house by Formosa Plastics. Carbon fiber has stronger strength than steel, lighter aluminum, corrosion resistance, high dimensional stability, low thermal expansion and good heat resistance. It is widely used in high-end sporting goods, automobiles, and industrial and aerospace technology.