Contract 3D Modeling

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● ColorMatrix provides professional contract 3D modeling services, helping you convert graphic designs into 3D drawings.








FDM - 代客3D列印   

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● Advantages of forming: More suitable for making medium and large models, while models with length, width and height less than 5cm should not have complex design details.

● Functionality and strength: Make large objects by FDM is quick and sturdy, and it is suitable for making daily necessities, such as hooks, pen holders, standing signs, models with less complex details, and larger industrial mechanical parts.

● FDM works



Comparison chart of each material



Light curing - Contract 3D Printing   

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● Material: light curing resin

● Advantages of forming: Stereolithography is more suitable for making delicate models, while objects with length, width and height more than 10cm may be relatively pricey.

● Functionality and strength: Stereolithography offers fine details and is suitable for making jewelry, small mechanical parts, and prototyping models.

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SLS - Contract 3D Printing   

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● Material :「SLS nylon powder,PA12」、「TPU」

Nylon powder(PA 12) +Good mechanical properties
+Good chemical resistance
Elastic material(TPU) +Has excellent softness
+Good chemical resistance, insulation, weather resistance


● Advantages of forming: SLS can create complex geometries that cannot be achieved by other methods.

● Functionality and strength:SLS parts have good isotropic mechanical performance, making them ideal for functional parts and prototypes.

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