Valet 3D modeling

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FDM - Valet 3D printing   

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● Advantages of forming dimensions : FDM is more suitable for making medium and large models, while models with length, width and height less than 5cm should not be too complicated

●Function, strength:FDM can print large objects quickly and firmly. Suitable for making daily necessities, such as hooks, pen holders, standing cards, models with less complicated details, and larger industrial parts.

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Comparison chart of each material 3D Printer Filament


Light curing-valet 3D printing   

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● Material: light curing resin

● Molding size advantage: Light curing is more suitable for making precise and small models, and the price is relatively high for objects larger than 10cm

● Functionality and strength:The light curing has a high degree of exquisiteness, which is suitable for the production of jewelry, small mechanical parts, and finished model proofing applications.

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SLS - Valet 3D printing   

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● Material :「SLS nylon powder,PA12」、「TPU」

Nylon powder(PA 12) +Good mechanical properties
+Good chemical resistance
Elastic material(TPU) +Has excellent softness
+Good chemical resistance, insulation, weather resistance

● Forming size advantage: SLS can create free geometric shapes that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing methods.

● Functionality and strength:SLS parts have good isotropic mechanical properties, making them ideal for functional parts and prototypes.

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