Life is to be different
Small objects are also made by 3D printing
Specific products can also be customized

3D printing features are customized, no need to open molds, and flexible adjustments, so it is suitable for making small daily objects, such as simpleSmall things, Small dinosaurs, fish bones, skull pendants... etc., self-hanging as decorations or as gifts, are very suitable.


In addition, because of these characteristics, we can often make special signs for some stores.With the store logo, the store environment, or any style you want to present, you can discuss the production.
Home decoration

In this part of 3D printing art, in addition to the design printed by the printer, there is also an object that can be fully creative—3D printing pen, You can think of the 3D printing pen as a three-dimensional brush.Nangang Bottle Cap FactoryThere is a hand-made DIY base where you can do decoration design of many objects. Welcome to visit during business hours!


In addition, Caijia also launched aJersey magnet, Can be printed according to the designated team name and jersey, can be used as a tactical board magnet, or as a gift.