You want something a little different in your daily life. These trinkets are made by 3D printing, and some of them can be personalized.

3D printing offers customization, requires no tooling, and can be easily changed, so it is suitable for making small objects used in daily life, such as simple accessories and little dinosaurs, fish bones, skulls, and other pendants used as decoration or gifts.


These characteristics make 3D printing perfect for store signages, logo, environment and any style of objects.
Home decoration

3D printing artworks can be produced by—3D printers.3D printing pens can help you quickly realize your creativity in three-dimensional objects. ColorMatrix has a DIY location in the Daya District of Taichung, where you can design your own decoration. Please pay us a visit.


ColorMatrix also hasjersey magnets. You can customize your own team name and jersey number. They can be used as magnets on tactic boards and given out as gifts.