Color Matrix
CM³ = Color Matrix 3D
CM = Circular Model

Our 3D printing filament

Color Matrix is a 3D printing filament manufacturer and seller, as well as a 3D printing user. From this perspective, from the selection of raw materials, the production process, to the final packaging method, we all adhere to ``safety, environmental protection, and made in Taiwan. "Put yourself in so that all users can use the best quality 3D printing wire.

Comparison of various wire characteristics

Color Matrix has launched a variety of wire materials, you can choose according to your needs

3D Printing Environmental Recycling Project

In the field of 3D printing, it forms a cycle of its own, so that materials can be reborn, and exhaust gas and emissions can be reduced.

3D printing X recycling X recycling

Collect and raise

Finished with unnecessary and no-reusable waste

Crushed into particles

Allocation ratio



Our 3D printed products

The purpose of Color Matrix establishment is innovation and research and development. At present, many 3D printing products have been designed and developed. Here we provide you with high-quality and practical 3D printing-related products to choose from.

3D WALK™|3D printing city jogging shoes

When shoes encounter 3D printing, it will subvert your established impression of shoes. The future trend of 3D printing, 3D WALK™|3D printing city jogging shoes, brings new choices that are different from the past.