PETG refill pack


【Basic Specifications】
This product isBooster pack, It can only be used with a spool, and cannot be used alone.
Consumables are 1kg net / wire diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended printing temperature: 220-230°C

【Material Features】
Good toughness: can withstand higher impact and prevent cracking, suitable for printing fasteners
Good gloss: the surface has excellent gloss
Chemical resistance: can withstand a variety of chemicals and common cleaning agents
Weather resistance: UV resistant, suitable for outdoor use
Painless hands-on: print without peculiar smell, just increase the nozzle and hot bed temperature to get started easily
Heat distortion temperature 68 degrees

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【Printing works and parameter suggestions】
PETG whale-polishing effect and parameters
PETG Evangelion Unit No. 1-Works and Parameters
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[PETG color reference]

*The electronic color ticket is for reference only, and the color is subject to the actual wire.