3D Scanning Contract / Reverse Engineering Services

●Cost: Starting at $2000/time
●Objects below 3cm, too small to scan
●Objects with dark color will need to be sprayed with a developer (developer can be washed with water)
●If the object is too large and complex, another quote will be given.
●Accurate size, tolerance0.05-0.2mm
●After scanning, basically provide STL, OBJ file format


Color Matrix provides professional 3D scanning services and has a team of professional engineers,Welcome to contact us



  • Scanning cannot be done to places that are not exposed to light (such as the bottom of screw holes). The areas that cannot be scanned will appear missing, and you will have to either draw it or contract us to draw it. (The fee for the drawing will be calculated separately)
  • Metal, mirror-surface, and dark objects cannot be scanned directly. A layer of powder will be sprayed on the object for the scanning. After scanning, we will remove the powder. If your object cannot be sprayed on the surface, please inform us. If you fail to inform us in advance, and the object is damaged, we will not be liable for compensation.
  • The resolution of our 3D scanner is 1,300,000 pixels. If the object has grooves or details smaller than five strands of hair, scanning such grooves or details will not be possible. Those grooves, protrusions or details must be made up by drawing.
  • Objects under normal circumstances may have signs of use on the surface, such as scratches or tiny holes. Our scanner is very sensitive, to the extent that the scanning will also pick up even scratches or tiny holes.