PLA-U booster pack


【Basic Specifications】
This product isBooster packIt can only be used with a spool, and cannot be used alone.
Consumables are 1kg net / wire diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended printing temperature: 190-210°C

【Material Features】
PLA is extracted from corn starch, so it is safe to use.
PLA itself is a good entry-level printing material, with high output stability, simple support removal and easy handling.
However, if there are industrial uses that require temperature resistance, load bearing... and other characteristics, it is recommended to purchase after consultation.
Caijia PLA is called "PLA-U". Although the name is slightly different, it will not be much different from ordinary PLA.

Comparison chart of each material wire

【Printing works and parameter suggestions】
(Old works, but the parameters can be referred to)
PLA super practical hook-works and parameters
PLA hierarchical printing signs-works and parameters

[PLA-U color reference]

 *The electronic color ticket is for reference only, and the color is subject to the actual wire.