PLA-U Printer Filament【Refills】

SKU: A802001

This product is Refills Can only be used for empty spool holders,cannot be used alone.
Net weight of consumables 1kg / Diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended Nozzle temp.:190-210°C

【Material characteristics】
PLA is a good printing material to start. It offers high output stability, simple support removal and easy handling. However, for industrial use that requires temperature resistance, load-bearing and other characteristics, it is recommended to consult us before purchasing.
ColorMatrix names its PLA "PLA-U". The name may be slightly different, and it is used pretty much the same way.

Comparison chart of each material

【Printed works and parameter suggestions】
(Old works, but the parameters can be referred to)
PLA super practical hook-Works and parameters
PLA layered printing billboards-works and parameters

【PLA-U color reference】

 *The electronic color code is for reference only, and the color is subject to the true color shown by filaments.