PET Printer Filament (30g)

SKU: A0000012

Can work with a 3D pen and be used as a test before purchasing an entire roll of consumable filament.

【Material characteristics】
ColorMatrix PET overcomes the issue of a high melting point. The nozzle temperature is set at 220 to 240 degrees. General home-use 3D printers can handle the materials smoothly. In addition, it produces little stringing, and the molding effect is good, which reduces the difficulty of printing. In addition, modified PET has good toughness and prevents the annoying filament snapping problem.
The PET material is recycled No. 1, and is often used in PET bottles. It complies with FDA certification.

PET detailed introduction

【Comparison chart of each material 】

【Printed works and parameter suggestions】
PET Xiaojian-Works and parameters
PET Android Little Green Man-Printable assembly
PET billboard-Yellow/Black/gold

【PET color reference】

*The electronic color code is for reference only, and the color is subject to the true color shown by filaments.