Sprinkler related parts

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Nozzle: Control the amount and size of wire extrusion, there are five sizes of 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm.
Throat: Connect the radiator and heating block.

Heating block: transfer the heat of the heating rod to the nozzle.
Nozzle thermistor: detect the temperature of the heating block and control the temperature of the nozzle.
Heating head heating tube 24V-40W Φ6*20: Generate heat to heat the wire.
Heat dissipation block (B2): absorb the heat transferred from the heating block to the throat to avoid thermal expansion of the throat section. The fin design can increase the heat dissipation area.
4010 blower fan Oil bearing 24V: guide cold air to quickly cool and shape the wire extruded by the nozzle.
4010 fan Oil-impregnated bearing 24V: Introduce cold air to help the heat sink block to dissipate heat to maintain the temperature of the throat and avoid thermal expansion of the throat section wire.

Silicone protective cover:Insulation heating block, to avoid rapid temperature loss, more precise temperature control, high temperature resistance of 280 degrees.