3D printing pen


High quality, easy to use, the pen body is easy to hold and operate!
1. Two consumables can be applied PLA (default 190°C), ABS (default 210°C).
2. Specify the consumables and automatically adjust to the preset temperature.
3. The temperature can be changed manually.
4. Simple operation, no error.
5. While staying at home, a free remote teaching course will be provided.

What is a 3D printing pen?
The hand that stimulates the potential makes a good choice. Drawing is no longer a 2D creation. The 3D printing pen makes the idea three-dimensional and makes the imagination 100% realized!

What is the principle of the 3D printing pen?
It is like using a hot melt gun to melt and extrude the wire at high temperature. The difference is that the 3D printing pen can draw the desired shape before the wire is cooled, and it will be shaped after cooling. Simple and intuitive operation, so that friends of all sizes Very easy to get started!

3D printing pen experience
The Caijia held several experiences. The patience of many friends, big and small, was beyond imagination. From the moment they picked up the pen and started to create, they seemed to enter another world where no one was disturbed. They just wanted to complete the work well. In addition to stimulating creative potential and nurturing In addition to patience, it can also be a good experience for parent-child activities!

What else can the 3D printing pen do?
As a maker, in addition to direct creation, 3D printing pens can also be used as tools for repairing and bonding printed works.

Experience highlights