SBC 3D Printer Filament (30g pack)


Can be used with3D printing penIt can also be used as a test before purchasing the entire roll of consumables.

【Basic Specifications】
Consumable wire diameter 1.75±0.03mm
Recommended printing temperature: 220-240°C

Recommended floor temperature: 75-85°C 

【Material Features】
New options for large objects/remote control models/thin shell parts

  • Good layer-to-layer adhesion: improve the problem of print layer cracking and solve the limitation of printing direction (positioning angle) 
  • Impact resistance: good toughness, bending resistance, the finished product is not easy to be damaged by falling to the ground 
  • Not easy to absorb moisture: the material itself absorbs less moisture, the wire storage condition is wider, and the printing is not easy to pull the wire 
  • Lightweight: The specific gravity of 1.01~1.02 is close to water, which is a new way to reduce the weight of objects  
  • (Generally, the wire is 1kg when pulled out, and the SBC is about 800g for the same length) 

SBC (Styrene Block Copolymer), styrene block copolymer, also known as K-resin/K-resin
SBC is an elastomer material between rubber and plastic. The elasticity is obtained through the arrangement of the SM hard styrene segment and the ER soft rubber segment. Because of the processing characteristics of plastic and the physical and mechanical properties of rubber, it has become a typical rubber and plastic material. About 1/3 are used in the rubber industry, and most of the rest are used in the non-rubber industry. Shoemaking, liquid sealing materials, wires, cables, auto parts, medical machinery parts, household appliances and other fields have a wide range of applications.