▍Experience in Taipei

▍3D WALK™|3D printing city jogging shoes, subvert your imagination!

❶【Cushioning / shock absorption / absorption】
✔️ The 3D sole has the characteristics of structural cushioning. 3D printing has the advantage of making a special structure, and the cushioning absorption is very good.
✔️ With the [3D-INSO insole] jointly developed with the Shoe Technology Center, the 3D manufacturing process makes the function and characteristics of the insole more obvious.

❷【Lighter than expected】
✔️ The insole and sole are both 3D hollow design, which is a new lightweight solution
✔️ All functions of the woven shoe upper are integrated into one piece, with both functionality and light weight. 

❸【The back heel is very elastic】
✔️ 3D printing enables designers not to be limited by traditional processing, and to design flexible feedback different from the past.
✔️ The three-dimensional design of the 3D insoles makes them elastic and comfortable to the heels. 

✔️The boat-shaped wrapping design and the rubber midsole and outsole also provide good stability.
✔️ The one-shot forming saves a lot of sole height and provides stability while feeling closer to the ground.


▍3D WALK™|A new way of making shoes, bringing freshness to urban life

Technology always comes from human nature, and new technology will bring you a new feeling that is different from the past.


3D WALK™|Through "LATTICE structure sole" to bring you a delicate feeling that you have never worn

Different permutations and combinations will produce different functions. 3D printing has the advantage of making special structures, and the wearing experience is more divided.

3D WALK™|The world's first qualified shoe made by 3D printing "FDM technology"

【3D printing process characteristics】

  • A more delicate shoe-wearing experience』can make complex special structures.
  • Print as much as you want』environmentally friendly, streamlined, and no waste of materials.
  • Leading the trend towards customization』In fact, each of us has different foot shapes and walking habits. In theory, shoes should also be different. And the 3D manufacturing process makes it easier to achieve customized shoes. It is also our future goal!

 ▍3D WALK™|This pair of shoes is different from the past. We believe that 3D printing is a new choice for shoemaking in the future.


▍3D WALK™|Matching with "3D-INSO insoles" is also made by 3D printing, cross-field cooperation brings innovative breakthroughs.
We research and develop together with the shoe technology center to realize the "true one shoe, two wear" function.



▍3D WALK™|It can cope with many usage scenarios by switching insoles.

3D printing allows insole designers not to be constrained by traditional processing limitations, and allows insoles to produce great differences and characteristics through more flexible designs.


▍3D-INSO™Insoles | Many changes in structure-make the presence and characteristics of the insole more obvious.


▍3D-INSO™Insoles|Lightweight empty design-can achieve a perfect balance between function and lightweight.


▍3D-INSO™Insoles|Full of breathability-the insole is different from the previous breathability, and it is less prone to foot odor problems.



▍3D WALK™|Allows you to wear two shoes with one pair of 3D-INSO insoles to easily switch your mood.

 A pair of shoes can also taste the city life delicately, and is a good partner for changing the mood.


▍3D-SOFT spiral cushioning insole

3D-SOFT relieves you of the burden when you are busy working all day.


With the 3D-SOFT spiral cushioning insole, you can get a comfortable and stress-relieving feeling during work and leisure.


▍3D-FORCE Honeycomb Sports Insole

3D-FORCE gives you good support when stress relief in the gym, allowing you to perform stably.

The 3D-FORCE honeycomb sports insole is matched with more emphasis on covering than the previous insole, so that your feet will not slide during exercise, which is very safe.


▍3D WALK™|Provide a one-year warranty for the soles, if the soles are worn flat or damaged, as long as you send them or send them to the designated place, we will help you repair them for free.


▍3D WALK™|Easy cleaning close to life

The 3D sole and the upper material are carefully matched to bring happiness to urban life.



▍3D WALK™|Seven simple steps, washing shoes is as simple as washing.

Step.1 Take out the insole.
Step.2 Untie the shoelaces.
Step.3 Put it in the laundry bag.

Step.4 Throw into the washing machine.
Step.5 1/3 spoon neutral detergent.
Step.6 Sports mode (p.s do not turn on the drying function)
Step.7 Air-dry in a cool and ventilated place, easy to complete!


▍3D WALK™|Creating with heart and caring about details is an attitude towards life.

Shoe logo-also made with 3D printing, representing the soul of this pair of shoes.


Concept video for shoe tongue printing

Breathable-simple and simple details, care about good ventilation, bring you a comfortable feeling.


Appropriate version-3D WALK comes from many years of experience of the master, the version is specially designed for us Asians.


▍3D WALK™| From the experience of the master to create a 3E wide last
What is a shoe last?
The shoe last is basically the model required for shoe shaping,
The more suitable the shape and size of the foot, the better fit the shoes will be.

The average feet of our Asians are 2E~3E, so the 3E wide last will be very comfortable to wear~

▍3D WALK™|There are three colors to choose from


3D WALK™ | Classic red and black
We have walked through the red and black models of 3D printing shoes, which represent the passion to persist in not giving up, and the bright color matching allows you to show your own style.


3D WALK™ | Personality black
Different from the previous bright black soles, with all black shoe accessories, the low-key and personalized black brings a new style to wear.


3D WALK™ | Simple white
The white that is indispensable for wearing, the turquoise green with a sense of technology, the simple and not monotonous color, is a good partner for wearing.



【Experience meeting】

We held a 3D WALK™ try-on experience meeting from June 6th to 7th to let everyone know this pair of 3D printed shoes that are different from the past. Thank you very much for braving the wind and rain to participate. I am very touched! We have small levels at the scene: jogging track, stone road, jump grid, let everyone feel the performance in different situations~


Everyone tries on them seriously!


Nostalgic skipping grid, of course I want to show it~


After experiencing the level, write your experience and get a small gift.


Everyone is very serious about understanding this new shoe-making technology


▍Experience reference




▍3D WALK™|How to measure the size of the foot


▍3D WALK™|Size specifications



▍ColorMatrix A Taiwanese team focused on 3D printing

  3D printing is a technology that has emerged in recent years. We stepped into this field about 5 years ago, as its rich characteristics have really attracted us. Back in 2015, 3D printing was mostly used in prototyping, model toys and furnishings, with few practical applications in daily life. We wanted to apply our expertise in trying something new and innovative that was closer to daily life applications.
  Since 2017, we have explored many interdisciplinary opportunities. There were difficulties and setbacks along the way. Still, we also had the support of many companies and other experienced industry peers, so that we could stay resilient and promote 3D printing to the general public.
  In July 2019, we successfully applied 3D printing (FDM technology) to manufacture a pair of shoes, which was the predecessor of this pair of 3D WALK. Its birth was a milestone for us, as it was not just a pair of shoes, but a representation of the successful collaboration between 3D printing technology and Taiwan's shoemaking industry.

▍This is dedicated to those who are striving for their goals:

No matter how slow you think you are going, you just cannot stop.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
-Andy. Warhol-  

▎Tips for maintaining your shoes:
3D WALK™ is mainly made of environmentally friendly TPE soles and polyester fiber upper. It can be washed in the washing machine or by hand. It is recommended to use clean water and a soft brush or sponge to scrub gently. If cleaning agents are needed, we highly recommend neutral detergent for cleaning.
Avoid: Strong acid or alkali cleaners and brushes with coarse bristles or steel brushes. After use or wash, they should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may cause the shoes to fade and harden.

▎Important notice:
Please refer to the actual product for the color. The picture may have a cognitive color difference due to the light source, color temperature or screen settings at the time of shooting. We will try our best to achieve a satisfactory transaction between both parties!
Please check immediately upon receipt of the merchandise. In case of defective products, please complete the return and exchange procedures within seven days from the day after receipt of the merchandise.
If the size does not match, if you want to return or exchange the product, the round-trip shipping will be borne by the sponsor. Please reconfirm the size before placing the order.

▎7-day return policy (not for trial):
The 7-day period is for the inspection of the appearance of the merchandise only. If the product does not meet your need or has defects, you can return it within the 7-day period, which starts from the next day after receiving your product. We will not accept the return once the 7-day period expires. The returned product needs to have the package intact. You will also provide us with the receipt and sponsor serial number issued by ColorMatrix. Do not miss any parts or cause damage to the product. Please describe your reason for return in detail in your email to our box:colormatrix3d@gmail.com(even better if photos and videos are attached), and submit your return request.

▎The 7-day return policy does not apply to the following situations:
Product has no proof of purchase, order number, serial number, and is not consistent with the actual product. Damage is caused by exposure to extreme temperature, solvents, acids, water and fire. The product has signs of use, and the soles are worn, dirty, squeezed or deformed.