This is an EU regulation whose sole purpose is to point out the global issue of consumer e-waste. Due to the ever-changing world of science and technology, many electronic products are discarded, and they end up in the garbage dump, causing harm to the environment and human health. This guidance is about not using six different hazardous substances in the manufacture of various types of electronic products and electronic instruments:

  1. (Pb)
  2. (Hg)
  3. (Cd)
  4. (Cr 6+):Used for chrome plating, chrome coating and chrome primer
  5. (PBB): Fire/Flame Retardant Plastic
  6. (PBDE): Fire/Flame Retardant Plastic

According to Wikipedia, "Except for products with exclusion clauses, the maximum allowable concentration of products is 0.1% by weight, which is 1000 ppm (with the exception of cadmium, its maximum value is 0.01%, which is 100 ppm).