SHINING 3D EinScan-SE desktop 3D scanner


Product Description:
EinScan-SE 3D scanner is a multifunctional desktop 3D scanner. It can capture 3D data faster and easier. It has dual modes of fixed scanning and automatic scanning. Automatic and fixed scanning can scan small to large areas and different specifications and modes to meet most application needs.

Use the situation

EinScan Realize your idea
educate:Elementary school, junior high school, high school, university,3D training
Design and art: 3DModel design、3DPrinting application, reverse engineering
Digital industry:Animation、CGVR&AR
Archive and share:3DData archiving、3DData sharing


Easier operation and quicker scanning
User friendliness and efficiency improvement
Time required for a single scan: EinScan-SE 8 s
Auto scan mode360° Time required for scanning:EinScan-SE 2 minute

Fine details, each scan will generate high-quality 3Ddata files
structured light3D scanning technology to reconstruct the fine details of the real geometry of the object.

Automatic software
Automatic calibration without complicated settings
One-key scanning; automatic alignment and fusion direct grid generation


Compatible 3DPrinter data
automatically mesh to opaque 3D data,
provide high-quality 3D data for 3D printers ,
You can print directly through the 3D printer,
provide API access services for any brand of 3D printer

Specification Table

Einscan 3D scan file