3D Printing Pen

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Quality, easy to use, and the pen body is easy to hold and operate.
1. Two types of filaments, PLA (default 190°C) and ABS (default 210°C).
2. Configure the filaments and it is automatically adjusted to the default temperature.
3. The temperature can be changed manually.
4. Simple to operate and will not have errors.
5. We provide 1 session of remote teaching class during the pandemic control period.


What is a 3D printing pen?
It is the best choice to inspire your handcraft potential. Drawing is no longer about 2D creations. The 3D printing pen makes your ideas three-dimensional, realizing your imagination!

How does a 3D printing pen work?
It's like using a hot melt gun to extrude filaments. You can draw your desired objects before the filaments cool down, and the objects will take shape afterward. The simple and intuitive operations make the pens easy to handle for all children.

3D printing pen experience
ColorMatrix has organized several 3D printing pen experience workshop sessions. We were glad to see how children of all ages were able to have patience and create in their own little world. The activity can inspire their creative potential and develop patience and offers a great parent-child experience.

What else can a 3D printing pen do?
As a maker, we can use 3D printing pens to create and use them to repair and bond printed works.

Experience highlights