3D Printing Sightseeing Workshop -- Experience Gift Voucher


▍Course location: (Taichung Daya) Color Matrix 3D Printing Workshop
▍Class time: (Tuesday)(Wednesday)(Thursday)(Saturday)(Sunday)All classes start
▍Notes for registration:

 ●Online event registration(Recommended registration method):Click on the link above to view availability.
 ●On-site registration: Up to six participants in a single session. If the session still has openings, those who wait on-site can fill in. If the reservation is already full, please make a booking for other sessions of the day. You can go to the "Print Cafe" on the 3rd floor to wait and take a break.
▍Course fee: NT$150 per person, and you can take your creation home.
▍Experience gift voucher description:
 1.Experience gift voucher for a discount of NT$150
 2.Maker Club seasonal activity experience: Pick any one of the seasonal activities to experience the fun.
 3.Print Cafe: NT$30 discount toward food and beverage purchases. (Only from Wednesday to Sunday)
 4.Gift redemption: Play a gashapon to get a 3D printing key ring.