3D Printing Sightseeing Workshop-Easy Experience Voucher


▍Course location: (Taichung Daya) Caijia 3D Printing Workshop
▍Course time: (two)(three)(Four)(six)(day)All classes start
▍Registration instructions:
 ●Online registration(Suggested registration method): Click the link above to view the available sessions
 ●On-site registration: a maximum of six participants in a single session. If the number of reservations does not reach the upper limit, they can substitute on-site; if the number of reservations reaches the upper limit, please make an appointment for other sessions of the day. You can go to the "Yinqing Canteen" on the 3F to wait for a break.
▍Course fee: 150 yuan per person, including a set of self-dressing works
▍Easy experience coupon description:
 1. Enjoy the experience coupon discount of $150.
 2. Maker Club Seasonal Theme Activity Experience: There are a variety of different activity themes according to the season, choose one to experience.
 3. India Light Canteen: 30 yuan for dining discount. (Only from Wednesday to Sunday)
 4. Gift redemption: You can get a 3D printing key ring capsule.