COLORS-300 (Special printer for soft materials)

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Three major features of COLORS-300

【Fast printing speed】
Special specification 3mm feed end design with 2.85mm soft material special wire, the production speed is high and meets the demand for mass production

Example: 3D-INSO insoles, COLORS-300 can be completed in about 1.5h, generally the printer is about 3h or more

【stable structure】
Lightweight optical axis structure reduces motion inertia
With an all-metal body and sunken platform design, it is more stable
Reduce the shaking in printing, high product yield

【easy to use】
Intuitive UI interface design and touch color operation panel
One-key return function and one-minute quick nozzle change tool
Simple and fast, reducing the time spent in the operation process

COLORS-300 specifications 

Applicable material: TPE/TPU
Machine structure: all-metal box-sealed body
Nozzle: 180-245°C independent single nozzle
Hot bed: 30-100°C
Nozzle aperture: 0.8mm (preset)
Consumable wire diameter: 2.85mm
Printing speed: up to 150mm/s
Printing range: 300*300*300mm
Input power: 110V/220V

Another gift [customized teaching service]: 1 time per unit for free
According to the graphics and functions you need to print
From parameter optimization> slice analysis> operation printing
Direct customized teaching and parameter adjustment can reduce the exploration period
Optimizing towards the correct parameter adjustment direction

※Due to the weight limitation of supermarket shipping, the machine is only available for home delivery ※