TPE Printer Filament

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【Basic specifications】

 when running out of the filaments, using refill with the empty spool, then a brand-new filament would turn out, repeat usage, environmental

Specification : 900g / Diameter 2.85±0.03mm
Recommended Nozzle temp.:210-230°C

【Material characteristics】
◎ Soft to the touch and very close to the feel of human skin, with rubber elasticity, and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
◎ Fast printing
Especially improved and developed for the 3D printing technology, it can work with the COLORS-300 soft material special printer, to greatly reduce the printing time and resolve the issues with the slow production speed of 3D printing.
◎ Close to daily life applications
It has a wide range of applications and is also the material used for common daily necessities: Prosthetic joints, medical assistive tool, cushioning, shoe soles.

◎ Production type 2.85mm TPE soft filaments specially developed for 3D printing
TPE, or thermoplastic elastomers (generally called "rubber"), can be bent and have high strength and good surface gloss. TPE from ColorMatrix is made of 100% rubber and has good fluidity. It is recommended to use a near-end feeding machine to achieve smooth printing. It is Shore-A 70 in hardness and can be used in many fields.

【3DWALK Sole】

Printed with this Soft Print TPE 70A, and passed the finished shoe test:
 Anti-skid test ISO 13287:2012
 Abrasion test ISO 20871:2001
 Energy absorption test SATRA-TM142:1992

The above-mentioned footwear testing standards are in compliance with national standards.

TPE soap dish

【TPE color reference 】

*The electronic color code is for reference only, and the color is subject to the true color shown by filaments.