PETG Printer Filament【Refills】

SKU: A502032

This product is Refills Can only be used for empty spool holders,cannot be used alone.
Net weight of consumables 1kg / Diameter1.75±0.03mm
Recommended printing temperature: Can be formed between 200 and 220°C (can be increased to 230-240°C for better bonding).

【Material characteristics】
Good toughness: Can withstand higher impact to prevent cracking, suitable for printing fasteners.
Good gloss: Good surface gloss.
Chemical resistance: Can withstand a variety of chemicals and common cleaning agents.
Weather resistance: UV resistant, suitable for outdoor use.
Low learning curve: Print without odor. Just increase the nozzle and heated bed temperature to get started.
Heat distortion temperature 68 degrees

【Comparison chart of each material wire】

【Printed works and parameter suggestions】
PETG whale-Polishing effect and parameters
PETG Evangelion-Works and parameters
PET GRhino strawberry-Works and parameters

【PETG color reference】

*The electronic color code is for reference only, and the color is subject to the true color shown by filaments.