In the field of 3D printing, it is self-contained, so that materials can be reborn before the end of their life, and achieve exhaust gas and emission reductions.
Create sustainable development/zero waste/resource symbiosis

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Circular Economy(Circular economy) is a regenerative system, through slowing, closing and shrinkingsubstanceversusenergycycle, MakingResourcesInvestment andAbandoned, The emission reduction goal is reached. There are many different definitions of circular economy, like an idea that can be truly sustainable in the future, with zero waste, and symbiosis with the environment and resources we have. (Reference: Wiki Circular Economy)
Collect and raise:Recycled materials that can no longer be used
Crushed into particles: Through the crushing machine, the recycled materials are crushed to particle shape
Allocation ratio: Mixing recycled material and a certain proportion of new materials to maintain quality
Reproduce: The materials are heated and extruded through the production equipment to produce 3D printing filaments