Form cycles in the field of 3D printing so that materials can be reborn before the end of life, achieving exhaust and emissions reduction, sustainability, zero waste and resource sharing.

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A circular economy is a type of regenerative system that slows down, closes, and reduces the material and energy cycles. The reduction of input and waste of resources and emissions can be achieved. There are many different definitions of a circular economy. It is an idea about true sustainability, zero waste, and co-existence with the environment and resources we have in the future. (References: Wiki on Circular Economy)
Gathering and collection: Waste from production, and can no longer be used.
Crushed into pellets: Waste materials are broken into pellets with a crusher.
Blending ratio: Pellets made from waste are blended with raw materials to maintain integrity according to a certain ratio.
Re-production: Heat the pellets and extrude the 3D printing filaments through production equipment.