3D WALK Hogging Shoes-Men

SKU: A145070

 3D WALK detailed introduction

❶【Cushioning / shock absorption / absorption
✔️ 3D printed soles have special structure advantages providing additional shock absorption.
✔️ 3D-INSO, jointly developed with the Footwear and Recreation Technology Research Institute, highlights the functions and characteristics of insoles.

❷【Lighter than expected
✔️ Both insoles and soles have 3D hollow design, which is a new lightweight solution.
✔️ All functions of the woven shoe upper are made into one piece, giving both functionality and lightweight property. 

❸【The back heel is very elastic
✔️ 3D printing enables designers not to be limited by traditional processing, and to design flexible feedback different from the past.
✔️ The three-dimensional design of the 3D insoles makes them elastic and comfortable to the heels. 

✔️ The boat-shaped wrapping design and the rubber midsole and outsole also provide good stability.
✔️ The one-shot forming saves a lot of sole height and provides stability while feeling closer to the ground.

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